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“Okay here is some background info to give you an idea of my situation. I just traveled from out of town to Henderson to visit family for Thanksgiving. I had been in severe pain for nearly three days suddenly. (I was fine in UTAH) And when I say severe I mean crippling do not get up from the couch pain. I could not get a hold of any emergency dentists at all around the area from google searches. I knew that I was in no shape to travel back anytime soon unless I got some relief. Anyway, luckily a family member who had a working relationship with Dr. Clothier contacted him and explained the situation. He immediatiely said have him come on down to my office. MIght I add that this was 8:30pm on a Saturday night on Thanksgiving Weekend!! How nice and considerate is that? This man did not know me at all. He was down there waiting for me at his office when I arrived. He took an x-ray located my tooth that was abscessed and starting working on it right away. Obviously, I did not get to meet the rest of his staff, but his office was clean and comfortable, and he explained everything that he was doing, and why he was doing it while working on my tooth. He explained everything that I needed to do moving forward with my dentist from Utah to complete the root canal. But most of all he relieved my pain! I could finally sleep. He also proscribed me some pills for inflammatory pain. I can not say enough how kind this man was for someone he didn’t even know. I thought to myself, wow if this is how he treats out of towm people I can’t even imagine how good he is to his regular patients that he normally sees. What a great dentist and person to do what he did. If you are looking for a new dentist i would be going to this guy in a heartbeat! He is great, and you can just tell that he knows what he is talking about! Thank you Dr. Clothier!! I can not say enough how grateful I was for your serivce and kindness!!”

Joe B.

“I have trusted Dr C for 25 years and he by far the best I have ever had. Tks DOC!”

Terry H.


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